Terri Johnson
C-Change Strategies

Born in Provident Hospital during a blizzard, Terri has lived in Chicago all her life.  She is the product of public schools, south side churches, Free Street Theater, basement parties blaring house music, Jet and Ebony, Jr., asphalt and backyard games played in the sunshine before streetlights came on and CTA trips across the city’s dividing lines.

In large part, because she is a product of Chicago’s dividing lines, Terri has been working to ameliorate the “wicked problem” of racism for over two decades.  This has been done in a variety of roles including grant maker, facilitator, advocate, coach, trainer, writer, speaker and change strategist.

Her experience is deep, diverse and broad and includes (1) managing two anti-racist social justice organizations – the Human Relations Foundation and the Center for New Community, (2) developing and implementing workshops, forums, dialogues models, interactive demonstration projects, curricula and symposia, (3) facilitating and participating in local, national and international multi-sector collaborations for systemic change, (4) researching and writing about systems and how they lead to disparity in communities based on race and (5) consulting with organizations in various sectors to address equity and inclusion.

She is a graduate of Northwestern University.

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