Accessibility Statement

Envisioning Equity is committed to providing an inclusive environment and we will do our best to accommodate requests for accessibility and assistance. There is space to indicate your specific needs on the registration form. Please contact Prerna Abbi at if you would like to communicate directly about the conference arrangements as they relate to your needs. We will work with you to the best of our ability to make the conference accessible.

Meeting Your Needs

One goal of our conference is to take collective steps toward building a world that works for everyone. It is only in learning together that we can achieve these sorts of outcomes together. We invite attendees to call us in, call us out, and hold us accountable so we can continue to evolve this gathering in positive ways in the years to come. If you need accommodations of any kind in order to attend, we ask that you share that information with Prerna Abbi at as soon as possible, preferably before March 4. We are deliberately closing registration two weeks before our event in order to reserve time to finalize these logistics. The more candid you can be with us about your needs, the better we can work together to meet them.

Specific Accommodations

  • Restrooms: There will be both all-gender and gendered restrooms available. We encourage all attendees to use the restroom they feel most comfortable using. All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.
  • Dietary needs: We will be offering buffet style breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Some vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options will be available. If you require these or have other dietary needs, please reach out to us by March 4 so that we can try our best to accommodate your needs. **
  • Wheelchair access: The conference space as well as the four gallery spaces at the National Museum of Mexican Art are all on the ground floor and are wheelchair accessible. Additional spaces will be accessible via elevator.
  • Printed materials: Printed materials will be available upon request. If you need printed materials, please reach out to us by March 4 to let us know what you require.**
  • Hearing needs: All speakers will have microphones and microphones will be available for questions. If you have other needs related to hearing, please reach out to us by March 4 to discuss your needs.**
  • POC-only space: There will be a POC only space, available to all attendees, speakers, and organizers of color to have a place to gather and connect that does not include white attendees. This racial affinity space is meant to allow attendees of color to center and prioritize their specific needs, voices, and experiences in a room, without introducing the potential of harm or trauma from well-intentioned white allies.
  • Seating preferences: If you have specific needs related to your seating arrangement, please reach out to us by March 4 to let us know what you require.**
  • Lactation room: A private space will be available for those who need to nurse or pump. If you plan to use the lactation room, please let us know by March 4 so that we can ensure that we will have enough space for everyone who needs it.**
  • Childcare: Childcare can be made available upon request. If you require childcare to be able to attend, please reach out to us by March 4 to discuss your needs.**
  • Language: Translation and interpretation, including ASL, can be made available upon request. Please reach out to us by March 4 to let us know what you require.**

**Please contact Prerna Abbi at by March 4 if you will need any of these accommodations, have questions about the above, or would like to be in touch about other needs. We will do our best to meet these needs prior to the conference.

Getting to the Conference

Public transportation:
The Pink Line train stops at Damen, 0.2 miles from the museum.
The Number 50 Damen bus stops at 19th Street, 0.2 miles from the museum.
The Number 9 Ashland bus stops at 18th Street, 0.5 miles from the museum.

Limited street parking is available near the museum. Please check posted signs for restrictions during certain hours or snow removal days.